What if I just went MIA… Then would you care

I mean sometimes I ask myself if I made the right decision!
But it’s for school! It’s for myself and no one else. I’m thinking about me, it’s only just me in this.
I got my supporters and that’s probably all I need when I’m out here too.
So imma do me and stop wanting and complaining about going home.
And start sucking it up to better for my future.


fun zodiac sign facts here!
Everything will be okay

I feel guilty when we don’t talk. Is that weird! Probably! Like we could always talk later on the day! But yet I make every moment talking to you like it’s my last! 😔 idk you can’t blame me that I’m insecure you really can’t

I need to stop being locked on to my phone and realize I don’t have to talk to you 24/7! I love you and I don’t think we have to talk that much… Okay well.. Shit I only talk to you for like a good 2 hours every day..
And it honestly makes me really really sad.

But is that suppose to be part of long distance?

I wish you could get data. And at least talk to me 4 hours a day. Because I honestly really miss you.. And the closest thing I have to having a convo with you is texting..

But I get it it’s cool, you’re busy.
I need to get busy too!

What the TF man… I miss Craig. 😭
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I Miss You (Acoustic) - Blink-182

drowns self in tears


Hah. Hah. Hah.

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