How does one do long distance…

Sometimes I hate myself for reply back to you so fast… Idk… I feel pathetic when I reply back 2 seconds after you sent me a text!

I mean.. I receive it I should reply! But then I think about it and I wonder to myself.. Do you ever think of me as pathetic when I reply back that fast?!

I don’t like it when people point it out.. So I try and reply back 10 mins later.. But then what if I reply late and you reply 1 hour later! Which usually happens because I missed my chance to talk to you.

Maybe it’s the long distance that’s getting me to think this way but really am I pathetic to think of it that way?!

You know what’s dumb?!
You wear a pad to make sure you don’t leak out!
But apparently last night my pad was like nah man just slide past me and go through the crack of Hannah’s ass…

What the fuck. 😒



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