"Love me?"  "Always."

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No one deserves to be put through this… So why should I put you through it! It’s not fair for you…
So what I guess I’m saying is that you deserve so much better.

I hate how you’re just super busy now.. I miss you.. And all I want to do is talk to you. 😔

How does one do long distance…

Sometimes I hate myself for reply back to you so fast… Idk… I feel pathetic when I reply back 2 seconds after you sent me a text!

I mean.. I receive it I should reply! But then I think about it and I wonder to myself.. Do you ever think of me as pathetic when I reply back that fast?!

I don’t like it when people point it out.. So I try and reply back 10 mins later.. But then what if I reply late and you reply 1 hour later! Which usually happens because I missed my chance to talk to you.

Maybe it’s the long distance that’s getting me to think this way but really am I pathetic to think of it that way?!

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