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Chris Brown- “Make Love”

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I’ll just do an appreciation post here, cause im constantly posting stuff on twitter. And im not entirely sure if my followers are getting annoyed or not. And I can’t afford to lose one because im competing with Uson. HAHA

I really miss you.. Its not really fair that we aren’t together on the same island or  yet in the same time zone. This whole long distance thing sucks but it takes real love to pull through it. I trust you with all my heart.. i really do. So I shouldn’t really be trippin out on what you do and what not. I find it really sucky how i can’t be there for you physically and im just scared that one day you’ll just find someone else who can be there for you. 
i just really miss you so much. I’m just going to be really cliche here, i know i met you long time ago and i had the biggest crush on you but, i never expected to actually be in a relationship with you. Lol, but thanks for being you and always texting me those random times since we first met. 
That “warm and fuzzy” caught me slipping.. but yet again im really lowkey glad that you found out it was me… 
Thanks for accepting my weirdness and finding it somewhat attractive in the weirdest way possible. 
You’re my best friend.. and yes i know i call mostly everyone best friend. But you know that i love you so much and i can trust you with pretty much anything and i can tell you anything without you judging me so much. That’s basically what a best friend does. 
And thanks for being a wonderful boyfriend that you are. What would i do without you.. You can tolerate me and how i constantly want to fight with you. I just want to fight with you because i find it fun to see the stupid comebacks we have. 

i love you. ok baii..

The whole don’t let someone be your only source of happiness thing seems to bother me.

Trust me, I would never let that happen!
But my happiness is with certain people. If that abides by the rules..


Girl Meets World recreates archived Boy Meets World photos

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

Wow… 5 months with you and I’m not tired of you yet 😂💕

I really just can’t wait to be reunited with my boyfriend… 😭

i mean… its nice to talk to friends every once in a while but like when i really need to vent to people and they don’t seem a bit interested it kinda hurts. like shit bro im openning up to you! AT LEAST AT LIKE YOURE INTERESTED. i just need to get it off my chest i don’t care for much of the feed back.