Yo you wish I was your gf👏

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I love it when jerome tells me to tell guys to “fuck off” whenever they’re bothering me and sometimes by some surprise flirt with me..

I find that really cute and to die for!
I rather have my boyfriend telling me how he feels about it than a guy who just says oh okay.

Like hey I know you trust me and I’m loyal as fuck but I would rather much hear what you have to say about it! Shows to me that you care!!

So boyfriend points for Uson. ☺️

you telling me that im not able to come home makes me so depressed… stop telling me that, can you just be positive for once and tell me i really hope you can come home.. geez mom.. 

please make me come home… i want to come home… please  please please please….. 

im always alone… 


I have so much patience for you and you’re taking advantage of it… I’m so serious.

I fell asleep at 5 and I just woke up now. Wtf..…


Good Vibes HERE

I’m always smelling weed everywhere….
I’m not against it, it just kinda sucks that I can’t. 😂

Rich people make long distance look like a nothing.
Fck you guys.